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Ah, I see

I've been assessed as Autistic.

It's not a problem.

Nor is it likely what you think it is. 

It's not like an illness, or a disease, or a bad relationship or anything that we might pick up on the this human journey of ours.

It is completely and indivisibly me

And always has been

Always will be

It's why I do what I do

It's why I don't do what I don't do

It's why I don't do what I should do

It's why I do what I shouldn't do

It's not laziness

Nor stupidity

Nor confusion

Nor ignorance

I have no control over it

I cannot excorcise it

Or have it surgically removed

Without removing myself

Which is what so many of us do

Remove themselves from this world

But not me

I have love

and sounds

and art

and a brain that won't shut up

or give up

or give up

however many times I stumble with my words

or fail at this or that simple task.


Because now, I can wake up as the same person I was the day before.

And I haven't done that in a very long time.








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